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What types of creatives are there that you can use for a User Acquisition campaign?

App Samurai supports all major creative forms such as banners, interstitials, videos, GIFs, playable ads, and icons. Please feel free to reach out to an Account Manager to discuss which creatives strategy to follow for your campaign.

Why are creatives and the CTAs on the creatives important for the success of your campaign?

A more prominent Call to Action (CTA) within a creative will always attract the right customer by grabbing their attention and offering them direction as to how to proceed. Examples include, Install Now/Buy Now/Subscribe Now/Open An Account.

What does ROAS mean?

Return on Ad Spend looks at your spending on an ad platform and compares it with the value brought in via the new users’ spending in your app.

What would be the optimal bid for my campaign?

The optimal bid for a campaign is subjected to a variety of variables, ranging from the campaign’s GEO, the app’s ASO, brand strength, the competition during the time of the campaign, the creatives, and CTAs being used, and so on. For more information on how to place bids for your campaign(s), please feel free to reach out to an Account Manager who will assist you after having looked at your marketing strategies and goals.

What would be the performance metrics?

Every attribution tool is able to post-back ‘in-app events’ in addition to installs; when this feature is activated, our system is able to optimize based on install-to-event metrics to ensure that the only users that are brought in are those who are active within the app. Furthermore, unique KPI’s can be discussed with your Account Manager.

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