Mobile Measurement Partners (MMPs)
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What is an MMP?

A Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP) is an independent third party, that assists mobile app owners to measure the performance of their paid marketing activities across different channels. Having an MMP implemented is an absolute must, so as maintain transparency for both the advertiser & the publisher, track all the data regarding the impressions, clicks, installs & post-install events generated from a certain source for reporting & optimising in real time.

What are the major MMPs in the market?

Adjust, Appsflyer, Kochava, Branch, & Singular are some of the most commonly used MMPs in the market.

Is App Samurai integrated with all MMPs?

Yes, App Samurai is integrated with all major MMPs in the market, and therefore you may start your campaigns on App Samurai platform on day 1 without any hassle.

For the integration guide, please see below

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