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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
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What is App Samurai?

App Samurai Inc. is an ad tech company providing expert knowledge and success-driven mobile growth solutions for any need in the mobile ecosystem. The App Samurai User Acquisition platform is a solution of App Samurai Inc. It is an AI-powered, secure mobile user acquisition platform to help you achieve your performance goals by reaching out to the right users at the right moment through different campaign types.

Where are you located?

App Samurai Inc. HQ is based in San Francisco-CA, USA. We also have branch offices across the globe in Ankara, London, Berlin, and Barcelona.

Who are the App Samurai team?

We have 60+ people who are passionate about removing barriers to mobile advertising for high-growth companies.

What type of campaign models does the App Samurai portfolio have?

Over the span of the past 6 years, user acquisition of mobile apps has evolved, and hence being a technological company, App Samurai has evolved along with it to better serve our clients. Among these models, they can be segmented as below depending on the requirement of the client.
1) User Acquisition
2) Rewarded Engagement
3) On Device Media (OEM)

At Which GEOs are these campaign models available?

App Samurai is a global company with footprints across the world. Yet, the main areas of expertise are: US, LATAM, CA, UK, EU, MENA, RU, and APAC.

What are the sources that App Samurai use?

App Samurai is a platform integrated with a variety of direct sources ranging from ad networks, DSPs, direct app publishers, offer walls, reward platforms, and more. The algorithm behind the product determines the best combination out this pool of sources and works in real time to optimize the campaigns accordingly under the supervision of the well-informed and experienced customer success team.

What reporting mechanisms are there on App Samurai services?

On the App Samurai Dashboard, you can view macro-level data on the ‘Campaign Report’ page, similar to that which you would see on an MMP; for further reporting, you may consult with a dedicated Account Manager.

What would be the minimum commitment on a budget you would need to start a campaign on App Samurai platform?

The minimum commitment of budget has been set to ensure that you would provide your campaign with enough resources to see whether it performs well on App Samurai platform sources. In light of that, the minimum budget required for the platform is $1000.

What are the available and accepted payment methods?

Stripe, PayPal, Payoneer, and are all accepted payment methods.

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