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Find out how to integrate Adjust to App Samurai.

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Here is the step by step guide for how to integrate Adjust to App Samurai in order to create mobile ad campaigns.

  1. When you log into Adjust, you will see the page below with the app carousels.

    Adjust Integration #1
  2. Please click the upside arrow that you will see it under the app carousel you select.

    Adjust Integration #2
  3. Please click Tracker URLs from the page that opens in the carousel.

    Adjust Integration #3
  4. After clicking Tracker URLs, a new page will open on the right. Please click NEW TRACKER.

    Adjust Integration #4
  5. Please fill Tracker Name, select App Samurai as a Network and click Customize.

    Adjust Integration #5
  6. Click Create.

    Adjust Integration #6
  7. You can send us the click URL and impression URL from the window that opens and click Done.

    Adjust Integration #7
  8. From the same carousel, please click All Settings.

    Adjust Integration #8
  9. Please click Events from the page that opens from right.

    Adjust Integration #9
  10. Please share the event tokens next to the event names with us to ensure post-install optimisation.

    Adjust Integration #10
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