Here is the step by step guide for how to integrate Adjust to App Samurai in order to create mobile ad campaigns. 

  1. Log in to the Adjust dashboard. 

  2. Click on settings for the app that you wish to create a new tracking URL.

  3. Click Trackers, select NEW TRACKER and the Adjust Tracker Wizard will open up.

  4. Enter the name of this tracker, select link to a network and from the drop down list, select the network that this tracker should be linked.

  5. From here you can modify both your Campaign Structure and add a selection of additional parameters (including label, deeplink, redirect and fallback).

  6. Once you have made these modifications, click on APPLY for each and then finally CREATE.

  7. Copy Adjust Tracking Link and paste to the related page on App Samurai. 

  8. Make sure to share your event token names with your App Samurai Account Manager through Intercom to ensure post-install optimization. 

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