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FAQs About Campaign Creation & Management
FAQs About Campaign Creation & Management

Discover the answers of frequently asked questions about how to create boost, acquisition, and video campaigns on App Samurai

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What is daily cap and total cap? 

Daily Cap means daily download needed. Total Cap means total download need for specific request. 

Can we target only city on ad campaigns?

We can target only city of course.

Can I change my bid? 

Yes you can change your given bid during the campaign. Increasing bid will help you to accelerate the number of acquired users. On the other hand, decreasing the bids requires further optimisation for advertised spaces, and it may also affect the optimisation of the campaign. So please contact your customer success manager before doing any changes on campaign bids.

How long does the approval take? 

The approval duration takes between 2 to 12 hours.  

Can I change the geographical location of my campaign? 

Unfortunately you can't.  You need to create a new campaign for a new location-targeted ad. 

Which targeting options do I have?

You can target your ads according to app category, country/city, and platform (iOS or Android).

Can I add more countries or cities to my campaign? 

Yes you can. Please contact with your customer success manager to make it happen.

Can I run affiliate offers on App Samurai? 

Yes you can, but we recommend you that open your campaigns with fewer redirects. This will help you to reach out more acquired users with more quality.

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