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What is boost/burst campaign?
What is boost/burst campaign?

Find out what boost campaign is and how you can get benefit from it.

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A boost/burst campaign is an effective user acquisition channel that brings fast results in a very short time span. It helps startups and developers to rank at the top of any category in order to reach their audience and even go viral. A successful boost campaign also increases your organic downloads with qualified and engaged users. 

Benefits of Boost/Burst Campaigns

1- There are about 4 million apps in App Store and Google Play as of today. And hundreds of new apps are launched every single day. Developing an amazing app that solves your audiences’ exact problem is just a beginning for a long way of competition.  In that point, burst campaigns give you an amazing chance to reach your audience without wasting time and effort.

2-  If you have a newly launched app, it will be harder and harder to rank even top 100 in your app’s category. This needs a long-term and heavy effort. After all there is no guarantee that your app will be liked by your users when you reach them as a result of these efforts. To make things easier and to rank at the top of any category, boost campaigns are amazing chances for app developers and startups.

3- What real users think about your app determines the destiny of your app. Your friends and family can help you see the important bugs and issues with your app but it is not enough to find out whether your potential users like it or not. It is obvious that competition is harsh and acquiring users is harder than ever. Under this circumstance, finding what your real users think about your app is hard because you don’t acquire enough users. Burst campaigns help you acquire new users who are willing to give feedback about your app. 

4- It is always the easiest way to say that “If i were you”. It is the same when it comes to competition. Think for a second. What happens if you have a chance to simulate your competitors’ position in your category? You will have an amazing chance to think and act like your competitors and see the opportunities, threats, weaknesses, and strengths coming from being at the top!

5- Why not your app becomes the next PokemonGO if it is qualified enough for this? Well, burst campaigns give you this opportunity. By ranking at top via burst campaigns, you can have a chance to go viral.


We recommend you create a boost campaign for minimum 3 days in iOS and 5 days in Google Play to improve the results and make the campaign more effective. Boost campaigns are suitable for all apps in all categories.

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