Here is the step by step guide for how to integrate Firebase to App Samurai in order to create mobile ad campaigns. 

In order to Register your App for the first time:

  1. Select "Attribution" under "Analytics"
  2. Select platform: iOS or Android
  3. Enter Bundle id and Register your app
  4. Follow the Xcode instructions
  5. Follow the CocoaPods instructions

In order to create tracking link for a registered app:

  1. Select "Attribution" under "Dashboard"
  2. Select "Network Settings", then "New Network"

3. Type App Samurai Inc to the "Campaign Source" field and select App Samurai.
4. Be sure, you enabled "Configure Postback". first_open event postback is mandatory. Additional events postbacking will increase the performance of your campaigns.

5. Copy the tracking link in order to use on Appsamurai.
6. "Save" the settings.

For more information you can check google support.

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