Step 1 (Add Your App(s)) 

The first thing we want you to do is adding your app(s) and integrating your attribution tool. These information will let us give you more accurate and useful data! 

Step 2 (Create a Campaign) 

You have 3 amazing ad options here in App Samurai: Video Campaigns, Acquisition Campaigns, and Boost Campaigns. Pick the campaign you want to create and start reaching the numbers you imagine! 

Step 3 (Manage Your Campaign) 

App Samurai provides you an amazing recommendation engine to help you get the most out of your campaigns. In addition to this, you can easily manage your budget and goal according to your desire. 

Step 4 (Measure Your Campaign) 

Another best thing you can do with App Samurai is reaching the campaign results easily within our dashboard. It is just a click away to decide if your campaign effective or not. 

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