What is App Samurai?

App Samurai is a mobile advertising platform which you can easily create install oriented campaigns for your apps such as boost, user acquisition and video campaigns.

What Can I Do With App Samurai?

As an App Developer, Startup, Mobile User Acquisition Professional or anyone else who need traffic for a mobile application, you can use App Samurai to:

CREATE BOOST CAMPAIGNS: Boost campaigns help startups and developers to rank at the top of any category in order to reach their audience and even go viral. 

CREATE ACQUISITION CAMPAIGNS: Acquisition campaigns are non-incentivized user acquisition channels that drive qualified and engaged users. These campaigns bring only the users who are really interested in your app and so your app retention increases with qualified users.

CREATE VIDEO CAMPAIGNS: Video campaigns are video based non-incentivized user acquisition campaigns that drive qualified and engaged users. For the ones who seek for engaged and retaining users, video campaigns are ideal to try. 

TRACK IN-APP EVENTS ON ONE DASHBOARD: App Samurai provides you a smart dashboard showing all the performance metrics about in-app events.

TRACK APP STORE PERFORMANCE: By signing up for free, you can easily reach the metrics to measure how your app is doing in app stores.

GET UNIQUE RECOMMENDATIONS: Creating your ad, App Samurai engine provides you unique recommendations about your ad campaign itself.

Who Uses App Samurai?

  • Individual App Developers looking for moderate advertising solutions  to acquire qualified users for their apps.
  • App Startups who want to optimize their time and budget for advertising efforts of more than 1 app.
  • App Owners who need amazing results in order to attract the investors.
  • Agencies who want to drive traffic and app installs for their clients' apps.

What Sets App Samurai Apart?

Unlike expensive and time consuming app advertising solutions, App Samurai brings everything you need to be sure that your app is in the right success path together for you. With App Samurai, you can easily create, manage, and measure effective mobile ad campaigns in seconds and you track the results without leaving the dashboard. You also don't need to have a deep knowledge on app advertising in order to reach the success you imagine. 

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