What is daily cap and total cap? 

Daily Cap means daily download needed. Total Cap means total download need for specific request. 

Can we target only city on ad campaigns?

We can target only city of course. But that you can not select right now on dashboard. We will tag your geo target manually.  So please contact us to do so.

Can I increase my bid? 

Yes you can increase your given bid during the campaign. This will help you to accelerate the number of acquired users.  

Can I decrease my bid? 

Unfortunately you can't. Decreasing the bids requires further optimization for advertised spaces, and it is costly. In order you to avoid costs, and protect your campaign from additional charges, we don't allow you to decrease the bid.  

How should I decrease my bid if I gave too high? 

You can inactivate your campaign and create a new one. The new campaign will be activated after approval.  

How long does the approval take? 

The approval duration takes between 2 to 12 hours.  

Can I change the geographical location of my campaign? 

Unfortunately you can't.  You need to create a new campaign for a new location-targeted ad. 

Which targeting options do I have?

You can target your ads according to app category, country/city, and platform (iOS or Android).

Can I add more countries or cities to my campaign? 

Yes you can. Please contact with hello@appsamurai.com to make it happen.

Can I run affiliate offers on App Samurai? 

We have many direct and agency customers. If we don't already work with them, you can drive traffic from App Samurai. However, If we have it direct, the system won't drive traffic for your affiliate offers.  

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