Attribution tool is a mobile app tracking solution to measure the user activity of each marketing channel. With no attribution tool, you cannot track installs and post-install events. 

Our system is integrated with most of the tracking, attribution tools including AppsFlyer, Adjust, TUNE etc. You can easily generate a tracking link for your app campaign which will be specialized for App Samurai to track the installs.

Benefits Of Using Attribution Tool

1. Attribution tool is working like audit. Auditing is an important business function that involves the evaluation of evidence and documentation about the installs and events activities.

2. It gives insight into the touch points that are converting the most leads and how they can be optimized

3. Which channels and what types of content are driving the most revenue. (Organic, Facebook and Third-party channels etc.)

4. Mobile attribution platform identifies a user by device ID, fingerprint, and IP address.

SDK Process And Attribution Tools

SDK integration means is a way of combining two or more things in order to give a fast, convenient way to monetize your apps. In terms of in-app ad tech, the main priorities to be make sure the SDK integration works are:

1. Need to support multiple ad formats to monetizes as expected

2. Need to be simple to operate pretty seamlessly

3. Need to be reliable and stable as being part of the app’s code-base to app developer’s customers

Step for SDK integration and creating Tracking URL for App Samurai

1. Add the SDK for attribution tool to your mobile app (If you have any problem for the integration process, please reach out to attribution tool’s customer support)

2. Set up App Samurai as the partner on Attribution Tool’s dashboard

3. Create a Tracking URL on the Attribution Tool.

4.Select your Attribution Tool on App Samurai dashboard (It is located at third section of creating a campaign part) and paste the tracking url which you created on the Attribution Tool.

4. If a user installs the app after having clicked on the link, the SDK code from your app will notify your Attribution Tool.

5. When Attribution Tool receives the notification, they will automatically notify you since you were set up as the partner for the link.

Our Partners and Creating Tracking URL Guide

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